Final CD Design

March 29, 2006

We have selected Design 3 and here are the high quality files for print:

Choosing a CD Design

March 23, 2006

Which of the following designs do you like the most:

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March 6, 2006

1 out every 5 people in the world today is a Muslim, yet so few people continue to have any real information about the religion of Islam and even less information about the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad. This website was conceived with this fact in mind and has been dedicated to providing true information about the Prophet Muhammad and the religion of Islam from the perspective of mainstream Muslims. Here you will find detailed articles, thought provoking audio programs and even video – all free and available for download. A weblog is also open to all visitors to share their thoughts about the website or its contents, to ask questions or just for those who want to share their love and respect for the legacy of Muhammad, the last Messenger of the One God.

Listen to the audio:

Additional resources:



February 25, 2006

This weblog has been created to help brain storm content for The Prophet of Mercy Website (link).